Turn all those boring text articles into fresh, hot, traffic pulling, "this won't get you Google-Slapped",  Super-Charged Video Content...

Dear Marketer,

This isn't the first piece of software that can turn text articles into slick videos with background music but it is one of the quickest and easiest to use and it produces great results.

This was created because I couldn't find a decent solution at a sensible price.

The cheap products didn't work and the higher end products worked on a subscription so I had to keep paying to use it month after month.

I got sick of it - so I did what I do best.

I wrote one of my own!

That was back in 2012 and was followed up by version 2.

And now, four years later we've re-coded, updated and added several new features and are pleased to be...

Watch the Demo Videos Below To See Just How Easy It Is...

Simple Software Does ALL The Heavy Lifting For You...

Create Multiple Versions Quickly for Optimum Ranking.

Exclusive Early Access For Andy's Customers Only...


Re-purpose old articles with Vidicle...

Create Affiliate Review Videos in Seconds!

Let's See Vidicle In Action...

I've been beta testing Vidicle, and I think it's a fantastic piece of software. It's incredibly simple to use, and you can make really great looking videos in just a few clicks.

I always liked it's predecessor ArticleToVideo, but Andy has added on so many extra features to Vidicle, it's a massive step up.

Major features like being able to add a background image to the video, and having a choice of options for the final frame (including finishing on an image) will make a huge difference to conversions.

And lots of minor operational tweaks and improvements as well - Andy really does listen to customer feedback!

And of course there's the MASSIVE addition of the Tube Optimizer, which will save hours of tedious work and make getting traffic and real results from your videos a piece of cake.

Great work Andy - 10 out of 10!


Val Wilson

These videos don't have Hollywood production values but they don't need to!

The idea is to rank videos that have links to your sites and offers.  Links that take people to pages that earn you money (or to affiliate product links).

But that's not the only use for Vidicle!


Jerome Johnson of easyinternetmarketingsoftware.com does a lot of work in the self help niche.  He has recently been using Vidicle to create affirmation videos for clients and to offer for sale in PLR packs.

Here's an example of a video that literally took less than 3 minutes to create...

Packs of PLR or resale videos sell far better than traditional written content and with Vidicle to you - they are one in the same!

And he's not the only one using Vidicle for this...

Val Wilson creates niche packs for affiliate marketers (he recently had a smash hit with such a pack in the dog training niche).

His next pack will feature videos made with Vidicle!

Below is what Val had to say about Vidicle...

Here's just a few ideas for ways to use and profit from Vidicle...

Got written PLR that you can't pass on rights with?  Turn it into video PLR in seconds and you have a unique product that you can do whatever you like with.

Turn old e-courses and email sequences into video training courses!

Create Affirmation Videos to sell with or without resell rights - the choice is yours!

Create affiliate review videos to rank on Tube sites.  

Repurpose content, repurpose stuff you have private label rights to, turn written reviews with resell rights into video reviews.

Use in conjunction with iCurator Pro to create rebrandable desktop membership sites that people love to buy.

Exclusive Early Access For My Customers and Subscribers...

Vidicle launches in October 2016.  

But I am opening the doors on a STRICTLY LIMITED Number of Copies for my customers and at a special price.

This is your opportunity to get this exciting software before anyone else and for a bargain price.

I am doing this to help get even more testimonials and feedback before the main launch.

These Add-on Packs are INCLUDED In This Special VIP Early Access Deal...


* Tube Optimizer is a Pro version feature and requires an upgrade.

This Early Access Offer is Only Available Until Tuesday 20th September 2016.

To make this even more of a no-brainer decision for you we're also including the following resource packs which we intend to make a one-time offer when this launches to the public.

YES Andy!  I want to get Vidicle ahead of everyone else and at a super-crazy low early access price.

Plus... Because I am getting in on this special deal I am claiming my three bonus resource packs so that I've got all the images and backing tracks I'm likely to need for creating killer videos in super-quick time.

I understand my purchase is fully protected with your no questions, no quibble, 100% Money Back Guarantee and on that basis I am ordering right now!

This means I am getting the Vidicle Software for Windows, 75 royalty free audio music tracks and 850 high quality royalty free images all for a one-time, low price.





Vidicle Requires Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Will this run on a Mac?

A: This is software for Windows. It should run on a Mac using a virtual machine or similar system (VM Ware, Parallels, Crossover, etc.)  But please be aware we cannot give technical support to Mac users.

Q: Can I install this on more than one computer?

A: You are licensed to install it on up to three computers that you own.  This should cover needing it at home, work and on a laptop.  You should not have it running simultaneously on those systems.  If you want to be able to use it at the same time as a virtual assistant for example, you should purchase a second license.

Q: Do I get free updates?

A: Yes you get all updates for the first 12 months.  You also get any other minor updates outside this 12 month period at our discretion.   Complete new version releases after 12 months are offered to existing customers at a special rate.

Q: How long does delivery take after I purchase?

A: Our delivery system is automatic and instant.  Therefore you should get your access details emailed to you within a few minutes of purchase.  

Q: What if I need support?

A: We have a support desk with a ticket system for tracking.  In the event you need assistance simply open a ticket at http://network66.freshdesk.com.  We are UK based and reply to support Mon - Fri 9:30am - 4:30pm.  We do check for urgent support issues (such as delivery issues) outside of these hours wherever possible.

Once again Andy has outdone himself. If you're in offline consultancy or using youtube for SEO - actually there are loads of uses for this product - brilliant! 

Just take an article and literally within a minute you can select font type and colour, background colour - and turn it into a promotional video and add an audio track. 

I Absolutely love it!


Adam Jackson


Just one of the things you can do with this is take a few related plr articles and create a video ecourse! 

You can also break a plr ebook down into chapters and do the same thing!


Jerome Johnson

(C) 2016 Andy Brocklehurst/Network66



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